Hair Studio For Men

A neat little barber shop in the PATH, they love sleek style with a splash of fun.

Roofscaping Mississauga

A fictional project to bring awareness to the idea of green roofs on new condos in Mississauga.

This project included a website, mobile app, magazine and marketing materials such as flyers,

web ads, door hangers, a billboard and scaffolding signage.

Online Element

I created the website to be fun and informative about green roofs and the positive effect they have on the environment.

The mobile app would let you find local green spaces, as well as calculate how much resources would be saved if there were more green roofs in the area.

The Magazine

The magazine would be for both condo developers and condo buyers.

It shows the benefits of the green roofs and shows how a green roof is made.

Promotional Items

The whole idea of this fictional campaign was to spread awareness about green roofing. So I came out with a variety of different promotional items to be distributed in the neighbourhood of the upcoming condo.

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Remember the '30s? I do.

AM is a geometric sanserif with an Art Deco twist.

Fully functional, fully fun.